Proactive Media Campaigns

A proactive media campaign is when you tell the media in advance about an event or new initiative for which you would like coverage.

The time-honoured way of doing this is via a press release though there are other techniques that can also be effective.

What is a press release?

A press release is an article written by an organisation to promote its services, initiatives, activities or achievements. It is written entirely from that organisation’s perspective and wouldn’t include criticisms of the new initiative etc.

WOWPR can draft your press release and issue it to relevant press and media organisations on your behalf. We can also contact newspapers, radio and television stations to provide them with further briefing.

Other techniques

Sometimes issuing a press release isn’t the most effective form of proactive publicity. WOWPR can provide practical help, support and advice on using other techniques such as social media like Twitter and Facebook as well as more direct, carefully targeted publicity.

Unwelcome Media Interest

However benign you think your organisation is, there may be occasions when people don’t agree with you and try to cause you problems. Increasingly nowadays, disgruntled ex-employees or unhappy customers do this by phoning a newspaper or radio reporter – often before they have even made a formal complaint.

WOWPR can help.

Through his work as a senior media officer with three local authorities, Tom Walker has built up substantial experience of managing and advising senior managers and politicians on extremely difficult situations.

These include staff who have been the subject of serious criminal and professional misconduct allegations; accusations of organisational negligence; explaining cuts to services and major departmental restructures.

The main aim is to reduce the reputational damage to your organisation. This is done by making sure reporters fully understand the context in which a situation has arisen and that they are aware of what you will do to put things right – if necessary of course.

Techniques include issuing a statement, arranging for reporters to interview a relevant member of staff or, in more sensitive cases, off-the-record briefings.

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